Bateson, Spear, and Ebbs

Sometimes it looks like I’m doing things in a backwards manner. That’s the order that things present themselves. It’s like the universe has a paper bag of items that gets shaken up and parceled out in bits here and there. Sometimes I don’t get enough puzzle pieces to make a clear picture. 

That’s what’s going on with the Thomas Bateson family of Savannah, Georgia. We discovered that Thomas Bateson was affiliated somehow with William Spears and William Ebbs, because they are mentioned as guardians of the minor children Georgia Agnes and Alice after the rest of the family died in the 1870s. 

Sugar and I found one of them the city of Savannah cemetery database which listed William Ebbs in plot 1494. 

We visited plot 1494 with Sugar’s Bateson cousins in January of this year. There’s no marker there. 

We couldn’t find any record of William Spears at all for months. Nothing online. Until I remembered that some of the records spelled it “Speer”. 

And there he is listed online in lot 1028. So we drove on over to say hello and see if there’s a story. 

The story is that there is no story here, unless we dig deeper, figuratively speaking. There’s not even a plot marker. 

There’s another blank lot without a marker, just like the Bateson plot and the Ebbs plot. 

 Sandwiched between 1027 and 1029 is most probably 1028. Discouraging. 

And so I walk about, circling the lot and taking shots of all sides. 

Front to back with 1029 on the left & 1027 on the right.


More of the same. Back to front.

It occurs to us to stroll over to the Ebbs lot. Close in life, perhaps close in death. 


The Ebbs plot at 1494.

Very close. It’s perhaps at most 50 yards away across a little lane looking back to our right. You could throw a football there.  The clump of trees is next to the Speers/Spears plot. 

There’s William Speer, age 81, died on June 15, 1899; Rachel, age 45, died December 10, 1874; and William E. Spears, age 1 year and 9 months, died May 1, 1863. 


Oh, my. The new collection of probate records came out…


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