Straight from the Tree

Sugar has been wanting apples. 

Not just any apples. He wants apples from the orchard, like the kind of local apples from a roadside stand. 

Since we are not in Western North Carolina or North Georgia, this has no real chance of happening. 

He was determined. He checked every bag at the grocery store. Nope.  Washington. 

The health food store. Nope. 

We took to trawling through the phone book, which is his standby. He thinks much knowledge can be found in advertising, which failed him this time. 

Now, there are farmers markets round about, but of course they are local fall-ish crops. Not apples. 

I reminded him that the apple festival in Hendersonville, NC, was probably weeks ago. He clung to a slim thread that he could find fresh apples. 

We even called some restaurants that advertise local foods, of which apples are not. But, you know. The situation was desperate. 

When I googled farmers markets, we saw that there was one in Columbia, but since that city just had a thousand-year flood, that choice was out. I told him to just drive up the interstate and get some. Five hours up, five hours back. Problem solved. Except for getting through Columbia. 

He seemed to think that some enterprising person should do that, just not him. Drive upstate with a truck and trailer, load up, head home, and sell the apples at a profit. I told him, “Well, that’s just a great idea,” while rolling my eyes. Because what I really mean, if it’s such a great idea, why don’t YOU do it?

Last hope of hopes was the Savannah market. We drive over and find that the produce stand has some pumpkins, some jars of honey, some random veggies, and some forlorn apples. 

He told the people what he wanted, and they said there was a truck coming in soon, like in two days, with a load of apples, STRAIGHT FROM THE TREE. Both our heads snapped around at that. 

He could hardly wait. That was all he could talk about. Wonderful, fresh, crunchy apples. STRAIGHT FROM THE TREE. 

The day came. 

He bought a 1/2 box of Gala apples. They felt rather soft-ish. 

We got them to the van, and he scraped the skin of one with the edge of a scissors blade. 


Now, who waxes their apples straight from the tree?


2 Responses to “Straight from the Tree”

  1. Susanne Says:

    We’re at the tail end of apple season here. Still lots of crunchy, tart, juice ones in local markets but it’s a bit far to drive.

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  2. Simba Says:

    We have planted two apple trees in our yard since we’ve lived here in the past 40 years. One is a Macintosh. The second is a grafted tree with 5 different kinds on it. This was a bumper year and we had apples galore. I suspect we hauled at least a ton of them back in the woods for the deer to eat.

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