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Out and About:  The Savannah Wildlife Refuge

October 20, 2015

Sugar wants to go for some research. 

We drive by this place every time we go to Savannah. Today is a happenin’ thing, and we’re stopping in.  There’s a welcome center with a diorama. 

One of the most interesting things was on the wall in the hallway. 


Sugar points to a plantation area that was owned by his great-grandfather, William Seabrook Lawton.

You see we can’t go anywhere without Sugar finding a family connection. 

There’s a short trail that leads right down to the edge of the swamp. 

There’s also a driving tour that goes through the refuge. And that’s  for another day.

Feral Cat Day, 2015

October 20, 2015

I missed it. 

It was last week. 

But we celebrated today. 

Trap. Neuter. Return.