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The SugarBabies Come to Call

October 14, 2015

Sugar has some SugarBabies. 

They are ages 6ish, 4ish, and 2 1/2ish. 

They try to come for a week every year at Sugar’s birthday. There are restaurants, parks, playgrounds, and beaches that they try to always go, but sometimes they run out of time. 

So here are some SugarBaby photos. Feel free to go read someone else’s blog, but I really need to unload some photos from the iPhone. Because more photo opportunity is around every bend, and I’m out of storage space.


Here’s to all the moms and dads who made this trip possible! This is the stuff of childhood memories. 


Joel Chandler Harris Making the News

October 14, 2015

On the way back to the car from Tondee’s Tavern, Sugar insisted we cross busy Bay Street to look at a historical marker. At this point my left knee was locking up a bit, but I managed a Lowcountry hustle, Festus-style. 

I’ll bet he would have been a great blogger. Or how about if his wife were the blogger?

Mrs. J. C. H. :  (hollering) Joel! Joel Chandler! Joel Chandler Harris! Put that rabbit down and come to supper!