Tondee’s Tavern

Who can guess who’s related to Peter Tondee?

(Hands waving wildly all over the Internet.)

Apparently y’all have read this blog and know that Sugar is related to EVERYONE. Except me. 

Thank goodness. 

There’s a modern restaurant named Tondee’s Tavern which is vaguely near the original location of Tondee’s Tavern where the Sons of Liberty met in the Long Room. 

So it looks like we need a little photo opportunity. 


Why do I have 2 photos of the same thing?

Coffee, pretty coffee.

It’s the


Thank you, Peter Tondee! I named an orphan kitten for him once. (Orphan? Peter Tondee? Look it up.)


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2 Responses to “Tondee’s Tavern”

  1. Zachary williams Says:

    I am a direct descendant if Peter Tondee. My name is Zachary Williams and my whole family line descends from him.

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  2. Ruth Rawls Says:

    Hi Zachary, and welcome to the blog! I look forward to hearing more from you.


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