The Best Fruitcake in the World

Sometimes life is strange.

Take fruitcake. It’s an abomination. We’ve all eaten it, in spite of our best judgment.

My mom made fruitcake. It wasn’t awful. But it was fruitcake.

There’s no good way to store fruitcake. You peel away the sticky packaging, cut off a piece, and then what do you do with the rest of the block? Put it in the fridge and wait for spring.

I’m here to tell you that those days of fruitcake-hating are over. All because of one Sugary cousin.


So tenacious family researcher Julie in Belgium found that Sugar has cousins in South Africa.

SOUTH AFRICA? That’s as far away as the moon from South Carolina. And said cousin-in-chief has assigned Sugar to her fruitcake list.

Now Sugar can be as nutty as last year’s fruitcake, but this is not a commentary on his mental health number. This is a big deal to be on LaRoy’s fruitcake list.

Mail in and out of South Africa is as slow as proverbial molasses. It might take 3 months for delivery from one continent to the next. So planning to get your Christmas presents delivered on time might mean mailing in July or August. Now suppose you wanted to send a home-baked fruitcake to the U. S.?  Figure in more planning, shopping, and baking.

No doubt this fruitcake is for someone special.

A bit of fruitcake and a cup of tea? Come on over. We’ll save a bite for you.

image image image image image image


2 Responses to “The Best Fruitcake in the World”

  1. GP Cox Says:

    I guess I’m one of those few weirdos that just happens to like fruitcake, but this sounds very goood as well!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ruth Rawls Says:

      This one was also a work of art! I’ve only seen fruitcake in loaf shape and never with carefully arranged fruit and nut designs on the top. We realized after a few bites that the cake also had baker’s parchment paper lining the bottom and sides from part of the baking process.

      Liked by 1 person

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