The Frederick Ball House and the View From Columbia Square

After Sugar and I walked around the exterior of the Frederick Ball House in Savannah, Georgia, we headed across the street to Columbia Square. 

A walking woman saw us wandering around taking lots of photos, and she thought we were lost tourists. She offered her assistance by asking if we were lost. We replied that we were local-ish, and she told us once of meeting some folks walking south, who commented that they were almost to the river. The river is indeed north. 



 On the way back to the car, I realized that the front door knocker was too interesting and ornate to pass by. 


So come along the next time with us! Always something interesting to see in Savannah. You don’t even have to be a relative.  

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3 Responses to “The Frederick Ball House and the View From Columbia Square”

  1. The Coastal Crone Says:

    Thanks for treating us like family! A lovely walk!

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  2. Susanne Says:

    Eudora. Now THERE’s a uniquely southern name. Lovely old Savannah.

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