Post-LawtonFest 2015: The Stoney Creek Cemetery

While we were heading to the 2015 Lawton and Allied Families Reunion at Edisto, we tootled past a sign we’d never seen before. 

We both gasped. Was that for real? Why had we never seen it? True, it was on a remote section of highway, but we’d both had reason to travel that way, and it was new to us. Perhaps it was new to everyone. 

The sign was a road sign for Stoney Creek Cemetery Road. This was important to us because it marks the final resting place for Sarah Jaudon Robert’s busband Jacques. She’s buried in the Robert Cemetery near Mulberry Grove. 

This is not a place to go alone. It’s not dangerous, just remote. And possibly snake-y. 

Seeing how we wouldn’t have time to turn around and stop, we hoped we’d have time to stop the following day on the way home. 

Y’all already know that we did. The grounds are beautifully kept, the turf dense and green like a golf course. The old bricks are like the ones at the Lawton-Seabrook cemetery on Edisto. 

The church was burned during the Civil War. Some of the  graves are on findagrave. There are actually two listings for the same cemetery, although  the location is clearly Beaufort County, not Hampton. Just ask your friend, Ms. G.P. Ess.


Jacques Robert


Don’t you want to visit?


13 Responses to “Post-LawtonFest 2015: The Stoney Creek Cemetery”

  1. GP Cox Says:

    Yes, I do!!

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  2. Libby Says:

    Yes, I want to visit it with you and Leslie! Tell me when you have time!

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  3. redosue Says:

    I’ll read more of your posts. I enjoy your voice and your fascination with cemeteries is fascinating!

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    • Ruth Rawls Says:

      Hello redosue, and welcome to the blog! I’m just a reporter, really, with a worry that things will fade away, cemetery-wise, without being properly preserved in a digital age. There’s a historic AME church with a graveyard that is very close to me, and it’s not recorded at all! Did you read about the Charleston massacre? The Rev. Clementa Pinckney who was killed in the shooting is from this church. It’s his home church, but not preserved online! So much to do, so much history, little time.


  4. Linda Says:

    Ruth, I thought you knew about Stoney Creek…my Mama and Daddy are there…and most of my Mama’s family…Colcocks, Hutsons, just to name a few….most every one in there is related……….it is snakey, and I have seen some big ones there….Jacques Robert’s marker just appeared several years ago…no one knew who or why it was there…interesting to know now.
    Some family member must have put it there… time you go say hey to my Mama and Daddy. Thomas Heyward,s ,( signer of declaration of independence) father , I believe he is, is there, and is the oldest grave in Stoney Creek…….

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    • Ruth Rawls Says:

      Linda, I knew they were in McPhersonville but had no idea that they are there! A fellow cat lady. 😄
      I will find them next trip.
      There is a matching stone for Jacques Robert’s wife Sarah Jaudon Robert at Robertville Cemetery. I don’t know when it was placed, and both of those stones are of the same ilk as all of the Lawton memorial stones at Edisto.


  5. Anna Klausman Says:

    Hello my dad and I were going to visit but a no trespassing sign was at the front of the road so we didn’t drive down. Do you know who owns the cemetery or if public access is permitted ? Thanks!

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