LawtonFest 2015: The Lawton-Seabrook Cemetery

Sugar and I and everyone else at the Lawton and Allied Families Reunion have finished lunch and are ready to caravan over to the Lawton-Seabrook Cemetery. 

We were here earlier this year when the leaves were still off the trees and we needed jackets. 

Today, the bright midday sun on the markers makes for some interesting photos. 

This walled cemetery is a rare thing in this state. We know of one other one at the Tison cemetery in Garnett. 

I’m happy to say that several of the cousins attended the reunion because they found the blog. Just doing my part for humanity. 

Now our time together has come to a close. 

Of course, we stop to check out the market on the way home (KEY LIME PIE. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.), and wouldn’t you know it, some Lawton connections are already there and wave us into a parking space. 

Great minds think alike. 

And on the way home, a quick adventure to another cemetery…

3 Responses to “LawtonFest 2015: The Lawton-Seabrook Cemetery”

  1. adventuresincemeteryhopping Says:

    Hi, Ruth! Just found your blog today. I will. RBI the Edisto area in a few weeks and would like to visit this cemetery. Is it off limits to visitors or open to the public? If so, could you give me directions? Any help is appreciated!

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    • Ruth Rawls Says:

      It is on private land. I was part of a group that had permission to go. I cannot give directions. I’ve been told there is a problem with trespassers, and they seem to think that I have contributed to it because of the blog.


      • adventuresincemeteryhopping Says:

        Thanks, Ruth! I would never want to trespass so I won’t go hunting for it. Are there any cemeteries on Edisto and the area around it that you would recommend that I can access? I’Il be over at Folly and hope to get some exploring in while I’m there. 😊


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