LawtonFest 2015: The Talk

Sugar and I are at the LawtonFest family reunion, Saturday morning style. 

The air-conditioning is still not working adequately, but that’s okay because we are hardy pioneers. 


Some of us are more affected by the heat than others.

The speaker was Tim Drake from Clemson University. The talk today was about Victorian funeral customs. Right up our alley. 

The displays were items that were associated with a society obsessed with death. 


China similar to Blue Willow, only BLACK, because every aspect of daily life during the mourning period was focused on death and mourning.



These photos have deceased people in them. Sometimes a mother would be holding her deceased baby, a person would be in their coffin, or a deceased person would be tied into a chair into a natural pose.


Almost time for the presentation. First, it’s the line of descent for the progenitor, Capt. William Lawton and his three wives, all named Mary.


This is a death mask of Benjamin Franklin. As a remembrance, a mold was made of the face of the deceased person’s face. Reminds me of the papier mache projects we made when we were kids.

Y’all? It just got real serious. 


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