LawtonFest 2015: The Approach

It’s LawtonFest 2015!

But where are we going?

It looks like rain. Bleh. 

But we’re in luck! It doesn’t rain on a LawtonFest. It’s against the charter rules. 


I have inherited by mother’s photo-taking ability. At least this is not a shot of a hardwood floor.

Now here’s what I like – so much food that the caterers have to rent a trailer. 

It was known that this family married cousins. Apparently, there wasn’t always someone suitable that was available for marriage. I was able to protect Sugar from his cousins. (He’s a good catch.)

After the meal…

Plenty of salad and fruit, but where are the brownies?

Clearly we have our priorities right and are ready for the meeting. Yes, this is never an ordinary family reunion where you just show up with a mayonnaise-based covered dish. There’s a slideshow of events past and present. 

There’s usually a display of books and memorabilia. The first time I went to one of these reunions, I thought, “Why is everyone bringing books except us? Did we miss the memo?”

That’s just how the Lawton and Allied Families roll. 

Afterward, the evening was so beautiful and still, Sugar and I ended up in the graveyard. 

‘Cause that’s how we roll. 


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