The Last Will & Testament of Adeline R. Starr, 1801-1886

More wills. More testaments. 

Here’s another woman with property. She is Adeline R. Starr, and she is the sister of Jane Susan Starr Basinger. 

She was a lady of leisure. She leaves money and personal items to her sister Jane and her niece Elizabeth Georgia Basinger and nephew William Starr Basinger. Most interestingly to me, she leaves money to her servants. I haven’t transcribed the will, just read over the handwritten copy, and I wonder if these folks were long-time servants that went back to the days of slavery. Which in turn makes me wonder if they are listed on the list of servants in the family Bible of Thomas and Jane Starr Basinger. 

I suppose I just might take a closer look. 



2 Responses to “The Last Will & Testament of Adeline R. Starr, 1801-1886”

  1. caren1961 Says:

    Ruth, are either you or Sugar familiar with Lawrence McKenzie or his brothers John Hutchinson McKenzie or Edward Archibald McKenzie of the Brighton, St Peter’s District area in the years 1820-1895?
    Thank you!


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