The Will of Alexander Robert Lawton

I have resisted. I didn’t want to go there. 

Even when The Legal Genealogist said, “Go, RuthRawls! Reap the benefits!” Or something along those lines. 

I am a bad person. I went there to the whirlpool of knowledge and was SUCKED IN. 

The new collection at of wills and probate records has set my universe on a different tilt. I don’t know the time of day any more, nor why I can’t find clean pants, nor why those cats can’t learn to feed themselves. 

Let’s start with the will of Alexander Robert Lawton. He was Corinne Elliott Lawton’s father. His will mentions his two deceased brothers, Edward Payson Lawton and George Mosse Lawton, and other family members. It’s genealogical gold, even though I already knew of these folks. 

I don’t have time to transcribe. Christopher H. Bateson, Thomas Bateson, and William Starr Basinger are waiting for me. 

So y’all do me a favor? Make a will!


One Response to “The Will of Alexander Robert Lawton”

  1. Judith Shubert Says:

    I love the Legal Genealogist! She is so knowledgeable. SO glad you found these wills. I have been finding them on FamilySearch for some time now. The Probate Records found there are invaluable.
    Go, Ruth!!

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