Homeward From Edisto

Sugar knows things.

Important things, like the price of tea in China. Or shortcuts. He knows shortcuts.

On the way home from Edisto, he wants to take a shortcut past an old estate where someone lived who knew his cousin Margaret.

Me? I’m along for the ride.

We could not get in. It looks abandoned, and since I do not look good in orange, we didn’t attempt to trespass. I did, however, hold the camera higher than the fence, so these photos look trespassy.

The azaleas in this part of the country can get as large as a Volkswagen Beetle. It’s quite breath-taking the first time you see it.

And yes, you are correct. These photos are from early April, and it is now late  August. My laptop is still deceased, and I have other, more pressing issues which have superseded blogging. Still, I can fruitfully remove these photos from the iPhone, for today we venture forth, and I’ll need the storage space!


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