More Bateson News

Because Sugar’s cousin Julie in Brussels is tenacious.  

And life can be tangled and glorious. 

Julie found more of Sugar’s Bateson cousins in South Africa, which was certainly unexpected. Even more unexpected, she found more about 6 hours from us in North Carolina. 

 So Sugar has moremoremore cousins! As luck would have it, we met  up at Edisto Island. 

 Have I mentioned that Sugar is a recluse? Plus toss in some worrying that new cousins won’t like him. I don’t worry so much because they are not my people. 

He also thinks that it is weird that we are meeting people that we’ve never met. He’s at a disadvantage because I’ve already met them on the Internet. Worryworryworry. 

 Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to worry. 


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