“The Castle”

It took a few weeks before we could coordinate our schedules and get back to Beaufort in search of The Castle. 

We found it easily, which was not so remarkable when you consider that  it is helpful to be on the right street when looking for a house, or, in this case, a castle. 

I fiddled around with the editing on the iPhone. The first photo is without tampering. The next is mono, then tonal, then noir, then chrome, then transfer. Mono and tonal look much the same. And what the heck is chrome? There were no ’57 Chevys in sight. 

Enjoy the Castle from afar. It’s a private residence. But Sugar said his parents told a story that took place in the Castle about 75 years ago. They were staying in Beaufort, and the closet door in their room would not stay closed, even though they closed it. They would wake up in the night and the door was open. 

They never got a sense of danger or fore-boding, in spite of the FACT that The Castle is haunted. Google it. 


5 Responses to ““The Castle””

  1. Laura Says:

    It looks haunted!

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