BUbD: The Melancholy

There’s a subtle melancholy that creeps in after a family get-together. Does that happen to anyone else? It never before bothered me, only Sugar. What does this mean, that I’m getting older or more aware? That I’m more emotional, weepy, sentient, sentimental? Or am I finally catching on that sometimes you never see people again due to circumstances beyond your control? Four days after Sugar’s Canadian cousins head away from us, we go back to the same places we went with them. We go to Beaufort and have lunch at the Lowcountry Produce. It generally weirds Sugar out when I take a photo of our plates. But really, he knows we’re making history.   There’s our cozy corner across the way by the big window.   We finally find the right castle. On a lark, we head over to Pigeon Point to the boat landing. The day is stormy and gloomy to match our moods, and the wind rocked the van. Then we see it.

A seagull for Audrey.


One Response to “BUbD: The Melancholy”

  1. Audrey Bateson Says:

    Hi Ruth n “Sugar”! Love the pics and your blog and we will be back this year if all goes well! Take good care of each other and enjoy all the summer activities! Audrey

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