Batesons United by Death: Day Two

Sugar and I are out and about with his newly found cousins from Canada. 

Yesterday was spent all around the Bateson haunts in Savannah from 1853-1879. I say 1879 because that’s when we thought the family had died out. We couldn’t find out what happened to Georgia and Alice Bateson. 

It seems like nothing would do except that we visit Beaufort where Georgia, Alice, and younger brother Thomas’s mother lived before it was occupied by Union forces early in the war. She was Martha Mann who married Thomas the elder. 

We start at the Lengnick house. 

We walked to the house in front of the Lengnick house, which was another Lengnick house, where Martha Mann’s sister lived. It fronts on the bay with a lovely  view. 









Sugar told the story of his parents staying at The Castle many years ago and that they thought their room was haunted. The closet door would not stay closed. It was difficult to shut, but kept swinging open. 

So we try to find it and ended up on completely the wrong street, which was a bonus because we saw a neighborhood we’ve never seen before…

And a tree.  My goodness, what a tree. 


One Response to “Batesons United by Death: Day Two”

  1. colonialist Says:

    What a tree, indeed. And what homes!


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