Batesons United by Death: William Ebbes a/k/a Another Mystery

Because we’re in Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, with Sugar’s Bateson cousins from Canada, we’re visiting the Bateson plot #322.


And because we know that there is some sort of connection with the Bateson family and William Ebbes and William Spears, we scout around to find the location of lot #1494, which is where William Ebbes should be buried. (We don’t know where William Spears is buried. At least, not yet.)

We find the plot…


No markers of any kind. Nothing.


You can see that the plot is surrounded by other marked plots. There’s the bushes on the left, the fencing along the back, and the curbing on the right.

From the back looking forward…, then from the front again.



And we are yet again confounded by another plot with no marker of any kind. Someone had enough money to purchase the plot, but let’s guess that by the time the plot was used, there was not money enough for a headstone.

What happened to these people?


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One Response to “Batesons United by Death: William Ebbes a/k/a Another Mystery”

  1. Mom Says:

    We have a family branch who purchased a large block of grave sites in one of the area’s earliest cemeteries. Only 3 plots will ever be used because the deeds were lost in a flood and only a general map remained above water in the Sexton’s office showing that the area was platted off and purchased under the name of the two original burials. Our family can’t use it, but the cemetery can’t sell it.The “stand-off” has gone on for more than 100 years. Makes for a pretty spacious area of repose!

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