Batesons United By Death: Camila Lends a Paw

Sugar’s little neighbor is Camila the Chihuahua. I’ve written about her before and how she will charge out of her yard to come to see us when we are standing in his driveway. 

Señorita Camila started traveling farther than next door to Sugar’s driveway. We were on the way back to his house after one of our outings, and I spotted a light brown squirrel just before you turn into his driveway. This lively little squirrel was on the grassy side of a two lane highway, but was not attempting to cross the road. Said squirrel appeared to be out and about, enjoying the day. 

I squeaked, “There’s Camila!”, and turned into Sugar’s driveway. 

Insert dilemma. We have to get her. What if she runs away from us, squirrel-like? Into The Road?! 

Sugar slipped out of the van and called to her, and she ran right to him. We took her home, and I explained to her family that it’s been 6 months since she got pregnant with her first litter, and that she was out looking for a boyfriend. (Or boyfriendS.)  I told them I would take her to fix that problem, and the woman agreed No More Babies. 

Surgery went well, and she is staying with me til she heals, but what to do about our Bateson visitors and ensuing excursions? We know that we’ll be gone for hours, so we’ll just take her with us. 

She stays in the crate in the van while we have our lunch. 

Then off to Laurel Grove Cemetery, where thoughtful thinkers think.


It would seem that Camila has joined the ranks of those who love family history.  


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