Giving That Bird the Bird

So Sugar and I are sitting at the turtle park enjoying our lunch when a bird landed in the open window on my side. 

I squeaked in surprise because I thought he was going to come on in the car. I’ve seen Hitchcock movies. I know how this could happen. 

He wasn’t interested in us or our lunches. 

He went after the.bird in the mirror. 


Sugar said we’d have to cover the mirror. We did. 

Mr. Bird flew right over the van and attacked Sugar’s mirror. 

Sugar covered his mirror. 

That little bird flew over to the antenna and held on, staring at us and giving us the mental finger. 

He finally flew off and didn’t return. If y’all see me with peck marks on my face, stay away from me. You’ve seen Hitchcock, too. Birds of a feather attack together. 


2 Responses to “Giving That Bird the Bird”

  1. AndreSue Says:

    I’m so glad you got pictures!! He’s a pretty little guy. 🙂

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    • ruthrawls Says:

      My scientist birder cousin says he’s a Northern Parula, which is a migratory bird. I’ve heard bird songs in the mornings that I’ve never heard before this spring, and I’m wondering if they are also warblers.

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