Pie to Go on Edisto


We’ve seen this market before on the way coming and going. We’ve never stopped in spite of the sign that proclaimed Key Lime Pie Seven Days A Week. Apparently we do not have good sense.


Large coolers inside have the most wonderful treats. Pies, casseroles, sandwich makings, frozen dishes to take and bake. And did I say pie?

We circled the inside, and Sugar worried that he didn’t have any cash. Not that it mattered; they have a card reader and accept debit and credit cards.

We scored pimiento cheese, fresh croissants, Breton whole wheat crackers, Charleston Tea Plantation Tea, and freshly churned strawberry ice cream, and some veggies for cooking at home later. And Pie.



We started eating in the parking lot. We have no shame.

After a bit, we headed on in search of Point of Pines. It’s where Sugar used to go as a child with his parents to Chalmers and Faith Murray’s house. During the Gold Mine in the Closet series that I started last year, there were lots of photos of Edisto and some of the Murray’s house.


We saw a house across the way that he knew was NOT the Murray’s house, but we couldn’t resist stopping to have a look.

Even when a black snake made its way across our path.

IMG_7931 IMG_7932 IMG_7933

We headed back to the van and went as far as we could til we came to the No Trespassing sign. The road continued further and quite probably was the place we were looking for, but it was clear that we were stuck.

So we turned around and had some dessert time.


Which is not a bad way to end a day trip…

Except that we are not done. We had to stop in a churchyard.


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2 Responses to “Pie to Go on Edisto”

  1. Pam lindsey Says:

    I can taste the pie…….yum!

    Liked by 1 person

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