No, No, No: At Edisto

Sugar and I are at the ACE Basin Wildlife Refuge on Edisto Island, and we’ve seen our first alligator. We strolled on and looked at other waterways, and trees, and birds, and such, and we’re headed back in the direction we came from, when we see that the tour group of school children led by the park ranger have spotted the alligator.

Amazingly, there were no screams. These must be local kids.

Some of the children had cameras and iPads, and were taking photos excitedly, but if I were that age, I think I might have been doing some squealing.

Alligators are not uncommon around here. Even in some of the resort areas in the gated communities on the golf courses, you’ll hear or see about alligators sunning on the greens or lounging in the retention ponds or water hazards. Sometimes they snap up small dogs or other small animals. Recently (last year maybe?) an older man was retrieving his ball from the water, and when he reached into the water, an alligator removed the man’s hand.

Alligators were here first.

Our alligator grew tired of the attention from the children and slid away until all we could see was the top of his head.


So onward past him to another area.


Here’s another canal, and you can see a bridge crossing it at the far end. We walk to your right along the right side of this canal. There’s another area of the former rice fields that is just out of sight on your right. Guess what’s down in the wetland…

IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7894 IMG_7895 IMG_7896 IMG_7897 IMG_7898 IMG_7900

The bridge that you saw in an earlier photo crossing the canal? Here it is – it leads back to the house.


Good grief. What’s he spotted now? I hope it’s just a pretty leaf floating on the water.


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