Because Kittens

Oh, springtime (sigh)…

Where have I been? And why do things smell of goat’s milk and kitten poop?




3 Responses to “Because Kittens”

  1. pastsmith Says:

    Awwwww, too cute!

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  2. Gallivanta Says:

    You must be exhausted looking after this lot. You give them goat’s milk?


    • ruthrawls Says:

      It’s actually easier than human babies. (I’ve done both, so I’m an expert now. 🙂 )
      I have been giving them goat’s milk because it’s easily digestible for them. Their stool is seedy like a breast-fed baby’s stool. This week they graduated to a blend of goat’s milk and KMR (kitten milk replacer). Kittens and cats need taurine, which is not in the goat’s milk.
      The biggest issue is that there are not enough people who want to bottle-feed babies because they think it’ll be too hard, like too exhausting. Share the load, people! It’s lighter that way.

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