Mr. Packett and the Dog Food Omelet

I only have Mr. Packett now.

I lost Mr. Aureus on September 22, 2014, and by “lost”, you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll be able to write about him later. I started a blog post about him, but can’t quite finish it. He was with me for a long time during some rocky transitions.

But this is the story of Mr. Packett and the dog food omelet.

He’s a little lonely, and very happy to see me when I get home at night.

I decided I’d start doing something nice for him, something extra special. I don’t give treats, just because I’m afraid, like with people, if we start getting treats, we won’t eat real food. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t like treats, it means that I’ve met me and know what a problem I can be. So, no treats.

What to do?

Enter the omelet.

I bought this little plastic contraption at Publix grocery store last year, thinking that I would make and eat healthy omelets. The device did not work as promised. You are supposed to put your egg and other assorted omelet ingredients in the little clamshell, microwave it for a set amount of time, open and stir, close and flip and microwave some more.

The “flippy” part is the problem. The runny egg leaked out during flippage.

I wasn’t willing to throw the plastic device away. Surely it had some good use. It sat in the cabinet for perhaps a year. I didn’t want to throw it away because vinyl is final. You get my point.

Enter the dog food omelet.








I whisk the egg right in the clamshell. If I were a better (or prissier) person, I’d do it in a separate bowl, but really? What’s the purpose of dirtying up a bowl? Because you have met me and you know that I will not wash the bowl immediately and then there will be concrete residue made of dried egg in the bowl.

Between the stages of whisking the egg and adding the dry dog food, you can hide meds in the food. Like how I crumbled up Packett’s Iverhart Max into the egg. It isn’t flavored, so he’s not very suspicious that I’m tricking him.

You can also add treats, if you have some, or cheese bits, or lunchmeat, or whatever at this stage. A surprise in every box! Like Crackerjacks.





Please bear in mind that I live in one of the oldest RV’s in the world that has a rotary dial microwave. It’s actually a microwave/convection oven, which could come in handy if I were cooking something more difficult than a dog food omelet. But y’all know me, so you already know the answer. There is no cooking show in my future.


My apologies for the weird reflection from the front door’s window.



Ding! And we’re ready!



I usually flip it over into Packett’s dish. This time I did a slidey-outey so you can see how the food is held in place by the egg.



There’s still some loose nuggets of food that fall off into the bowl.



It’s steaming hot at this point. It’s only cooked for one minute, and it smells every bit as delicious as you think a dog food omelet would smell.




Mr. Packett would not tolerate photography during the consumption of his omelet. He did, however, provide photographic evidence for the internet.



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4 Responses to “Mr. Packett and the Dog Food Omelet”

  1. pastsmith Says:

    I used to have one of those…mine leaked too!

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