Ruan Thai

Ruan Thai makes the prettiest plate of food.

I am not enamored of food as art. I’m too plain and simple for that.

But I LOVE Ruan Than Restaurant. Delicious food, beautiful presentation, and consistent goodness.

I usually order the green curry. I have not a clue what I ordered here. Perhaps it was Panang Curry. I’ve never tried Panang Curry before nor since, but we remembered that when we were visiting Sugar’s granddaughter a few years back we went to a Thai restaurant.

Sugar’s daughter announced that she might get Panang curry.

Her daughter, age 3, announced that she wanted Panang curry.

And we entered into a mother-daughter reasoning session.

Mother: I think I’ll get Panang curry.

Child: I want Panang curry.

Mother: No, I don’t think you’ll like Panang curry.

Child: I *DO* like Panang curry.

Mother: You’ve never had Panang curry.

Child: But I *LIKE* Panang curry.

Who can resist a three-year-old? And who can out-argue a three-year-old? (Rhetorical questions. There’s no contest and no winner.)

Upon the arrival of the meal and the said Panang curry, the child took the first bite, and announced, “I *Don’t* like Panang curry.” Hilarity ensued.

So perhaps to honor the memory of that child’s precious face, I ordered Panang curry. I think I will not order it again, and I can cross that off my proverbial list.







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