Major Edward Percival Lawton, 1863-1929

He’s Sugar’s grandfather.

I don’t know much about him, and neither does Sugar.

He had a military career, and traveled the world on military and business matters.

He also taught at a university in Puerto Rico, or, as it was written on the old photos, Porto Rico.


Edward Percival Lawton

Edward Percival Lawton

The family lived on a plantation called “Topside” in Puerto Rico.

There are very few photos of him. Sugar said that the next two photos are of his grandfather and a driver in Porto Rico at the university, possibly around 1914 or so.

When (If) I find more photos, I’ll add them here.







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2 Responses to “Major Edward Percival Lawton, 1863-1929”

  1. leo Says:

    “Major in the U S Army, graduated West Point 1885, was military attache in Switzerland in 1914. Had charge of shipping civilians from Switzerland to France and England for safe passage home during WW I. Family home was in Savannah, Ga.”

    1914-1919 could be about the date of this photo? I think the automobile might be a bit later than 1900.

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