Georgia on My Mind: Part Three

Sometimes things are easy.

And y’all know that sometimes they are not.

I was worried about Georgia Bateson Lengnick’s death certificate. You can take a look at the death cert by clicking here – LengnickGeorgiaDeathCert1956 – and worry along with me, if you are so inclined.

The death cert says that her body was “removed”, not buried or cremated, but also that she was at Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Louis County, Missouri. That doesn’t even make sense.

So through the magic of the internet, I found a Memorial Park Cemetery website. And there’s a “Contact Us” form!

I’m not very bold, because I have found that if I speak up and ask for help, sometimes I’m ignored. Then I get my feelings hurt. Or if I speak up and ask for help, sometimes I’m ridiculed. Then I get my feelings hurt. Or if I speak up and ask for help, sometimes people get mad at me. Then I get my feelings hurt.

I don’t like getting my feelings hurt. I need my feelz intact, not bruised.

What if I don’t get a reply? They must get lots of requests for this kind of stuff. They should charge for this. It’s research. What if they charge?

Then I reckon I’ll pay. I have to know where Georgia is.


Your Name: Ruth Rawls

Your Email: ruthmarierawlsATgmailDOTcom

Subject: Georgia Bateson Lengnick

Message: I am researching the family of Georgia Bateson Lengnick, who died on January 19, 1956, according to her death certificate obtained online at the Missouri Digital Heritage website.
According to her death certificate, in box 24a: “Burial, Cremation, Removal (Specify)”, it is specified as a removal, but the cemetery is listed as Memorial Park Cemetery.

I’m confused as to what “Removal” means, and if Georgia Bateson Lengnick is truly buried in Memorial Park.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.

Ruth Rawls


Thank you for contacting us.
I’m not sure why the option of removal was selected on her death certificate.
Georgia Bateson Lengnick passed away on January 19, 1956 and was buried here at Memorial Park on January 21, 1956. She is buried in Section 8, Lot 300, Grave 3.
Her husband Albert Carl is buried right beside her in Grave 4. He passed on November 9, 1947 and was buried on the 12th of November that same year.
I hope this information is helpful. Take Care.

Katie McDermott

Memorial Park Cemetery
McDermott Memorial Co.
Hi Katie,

Thank you for your quick reply. It’s a relief to know that Georgia has been found.
I’ve been researching her father and mother’s families. Her parents died when she was quite young and she and her sister Alice went to an orphanage. When she was nine, she became a servant in a household in Savannah. Her younger brother was sent to a private home and it looks like he was used for farm labor. He died when he was seven.
I wanted to create a memorial for her on but wasn’t sure I had the right cemetery.
Thanks so much!
Gotta love the internet and the kindness of strangers.

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  1. Gallivanta Says:

    What a satisfactory reply. 🙂

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