A Letter from Colin McDonald, September 12, 1968

Can you see that I’ve stopped with the chatty commentary in my haste to get this stuff posted? Because I’m got more old photos and letters waiting in the wings.

The transcription follows, but sadly, this letter is faded in spots so the transcription is likewise spotty. Perhaps you can figure out what some of the missing words are, and you’ll give me a clue.

2014-11-20 11.53.12

2014-11-20 11.54.12


Colin McDonald.

The Bank of Adelaide,

11, Leadenhall Street,

London, E.C.3.

September 12, 1968.

Dear Remote Cousin,

Owing to trouble with

first one eye and then the other (now on the

mend at last) I have never thanked you

for your letter about family history.

After a long period during which he

would not let me read or write at times

my eye doctor in Perth suddenly gave me

the all-clear to travel.

For personal reasons I wanted to come

straight to London and so was not able to

accept your very kind invitation to stay

with you in your home on Long Island.

(?) I am in London I hope to follow

up some of my lines of inquiry into family

history and I shall be glad to let you what

I may be able to find out.

Please do not expect any dramatic results

because I have just turned 69, my eye still

gives me a bit of trouble at times, and I

have a limited amount to spend on research.

Through the good offices of a friend I have

been given a reader’s ticket to the British

Museum and I hope to do some research there

into my period in China.

I must apologize for writing this letter

by hand; my typewriter has not yet been

unpacked! Don’t hesitate to type or dictate

if you wish to reply.

For a long time I have been hoping to

send you notes on the material I have in

hand and will try to do this if only in tentative

form as my eye improves.

Since all my families came out to Australia

in sailing ships I have not given up hope of

(?) some (?) in which the

dates and (?)

In the meantime I am enclosing a photo

maybe some of your Bateson relations would

(?) please accept for your (?)

(?) as a token of my (?)

Charles Edward

Bateson about 1872

Yours sincerely,

Colin McDonald




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2 Responses to “A Letter from Colin McDonald, September 12, 1968”

  1. Judith Richards Shubert Says:

    At last a letter from Colin!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aquila Says:

    A suggestion. Go to http://apps.pixlr.com/editor/ (you’ll have to cut and paste that into your browser address bar), browse for the image of each page of the letter. Use Adjustment – brightness & contrast, boost the contrast into the + numbers and cut the brightness into the – numbers, then invert the image so the writing is more or less white on a more or less very dark gray or black background. It might be enough to bring out the missing letters/words, you can then go to Filter and hit mimic HDR to bring up the words a bit more. Hope that helps, I’d do that for you, but my blasted computer is so wonky it won’t handle the processing.

    Liked by 1 person

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