A Letter from Colin McDonald: December 1, 1970

A letter from the package of Diamonds in Sugar’s Mailbox…

The transcription follows.

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2014-11-20 11.49.42


G.P.O. BOX B54,
23 2416


c/o Ms. D. Moore,
3 Lindsey Flats,
Jameson Avenue East
Salisbury, Rhodesia.
December 1, 1970.
Dear Cousin Douglas,
Owing to the trouble
with my eyes I have not yet sent you
the promised details about the Batesons
in Australia.
I am now on my way back to
Australia by air by way of South Africa
after visiting England.
At the moment I am staying with
Bateson cousins in Rhodesia and will
be flying down to Johannesburg in a couple
of days’ time to stay with cousins there.
From Johannesburg I fly back to
Australia by way of Mauritius arriving
at Perth on Friday December 11.
On my arrival in Salisbury I
received a letter from cousin Walter
in Ontario asking for details about
the Batesons in Africa and Australia.
After my visit to Johannesburg I
shall be able to tell you both more about
the Batesons in both places.
It may take a little time to collate
all the facts but I shall let you have
them as soon as I can.
When I get home I shall also let
you have a note on the Batesons past
and present in Australia.
In the meantime as I have told
Walter I am being kept pretty busy – at 41 years
of age! – seeing the varied sights of Africa!
The most magnificent sight of all
of course has been the truly wonderful
Victoria Falls.
With best wishes to you and
your family for Christmas and the
New Year.
Yours sincerely,
Colin McDonald
Colin McDonald.
Please address letters to me at the
Weld Club where I now live
when I am in Perth.

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