A Diamond in the Mailbox: A Letter from Walter John Bateson, November 29, 1970

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16 King Street, North,

Alliston, Ontario


November 29, 1970

Dear Cousin Douglas:

I hope that this finds you and your family all in good health.

Since the time of my last letter to you, I have taken steps to

locate the cousins in South Africa. Through an advertisement in

the Johannesburg Daily Star I received a tremendous response from

the families of the three sons and four daughters of Liston Richard

Bateson. The letters revealed a very close and warm friendly

family. I wrote to Serbe when about ten years old. He is on his

way to London for an eye  wrote to my daughter Lynda

who is in Coventry to take time to visit Serbe at the hospital.

I hope that I will receive word from her this week.

Cousin Bess sent me Colin MacDonald’s address in Australia,

c/o The Weld Club, GPO Box 354, Perth, Australia. Apparently he

was visiting in England, phoned her and said that he was leaving

for home by way of South Africa. At the time that he was on the

way the cousins in SA wrote and said that they were expecting him.

He is supposed to be there for a month. Did’nt get word on the

whereabouts of his sister.

My son Walter left a few weeks ago for the west coast, is

visiting my brother Richard and seeing British Columbia before

leaving fo Australia. Think that I told you that before.

I would appreciate hearing from you Douglas. How are you

doing with the sheets I sent requesting further information?

Could I please have an answer to the questions I broached in my

last letter. I hate to impose on your time, but I am extremely

interested in moving forward in recording our family history.

I found addresses to Widdows families in Cleveland but as

yet no answer. I’m also waiting to hear from Philip and Farrar.

We are all busy people with so many commitments, that I feel

guilty when I ask or make demands on someone elses time.

Write soon.

Our kindest regards

Cousin Walter


He would have loved the internet.

And social media!

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