An Unexpected Quilt Comes My Way

A series of texts…

Employer: Do you like quilts?

YoursTruly: Yes!!

Employer: Ok, I have 3 antique amish quilts for you

YoursTruly: Was that a trick question?

YoursTruly: Eeeee total score.

Employer: I’ll bring them tues

YoursTruly: Thanks!


I never look a gift quilt in the mouth. It’s just general good advice. If they’re not well done or falling apart or whatever, someone here besides myself will enjoy them.

Using that self-advice, I was totally unprepared for what I received. There are three quilts of the same vintage, no doubt, but who would give these away? They are remarkable works of art and craftmanship.


Cat is not to scale.



This beauty, when unfolded, measures about 64″ x 64″.






This quilt is in pristine condition. One of the other quilts has a stained spot on it, so I’m just going to say that that was where the Yankee bullet shot through the cabin wall and hit Great-Grandma in the side, and she used the quilt to staunch the bleeding.


The back is as good an example of perfection as the front, which is the mark of a great quilter and a marvelous quilt.



Y’all, these rows are less than an inch apart. Mind. Blown.



When I said “Total score!”, I had no idea. I’m still shaking my head.


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12 Responses to “An Unexpected Quilt Comes My Way”

  1. Aquila Says:

    Sure makes you wonder about people, giving away something like those quilts. Lucky you. They’re beautiful.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Yes, but you know my rule. When something comes in, something has got to go out. That makes things hard sometimes.
      The quilt in the photo shoot was sent to my daughter. Unfortunately, there’s no family backstory to go with it, so we’ll just have to start our own.

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  2. Sharon Says:

    She said Amish quilts, that would explain the fine-craftsmanship. It is good that she gave them away to be enjoyed and appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mom Says:

    You Lucky Ducky!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Roxy Says:

    What A beautiful gift that you have been given, so jealous!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. k2cuss2 Says:

    Whoa, what an amazing score. Such beautiful work! It’s wonderful that they’ve found a deserving home.

    I sometimes say that I’d like to learn to quilt, and then I realize that really, I’d like to have quilted, and then there would be a quilt. Like magic.

    Liked by 1 person

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