The Gold Mine in the Closet: An Unidentified House, Part 3

It’s a day for a field trip!

We started with a photo of an unidentified house from Sugar’s Gold Mine in the Closet.

scan0008 (4)

Sugar’s cousin knew someone who knew where this house still stands. It’s the Whitaker-Huntingdon Inn.  The house faces Whitaker Street, but the side door at 101 Huntingdon is where Sugar’s grandmother lived.

We had a Savannah outing to the Georgia Historical Society, and after leaving there, we walked on down the sidewalk . It’s only a block to Huntingdon.




We head across Forsyth Park on the way back to the car, and here’s the path going forward.




And here’s the path looking back to Sugar’s grandmother’s house. Her side entrance is much more noticeable from this angle.



On the way to the car, I noticed that we weren’t given all the copies we’d ordered at Georgia Historical. Fortunately we went on the little side trip to 101 Huntingdon; otherwise, we’d be in the car headed to Carolina.

Back to GHS, but oh, my aching knees. The front steps of GHS are steep and imposing, and we were at the beginning of a cold snap. My knees told me so.



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3 Responses to “The Gold Mine in the Closet: An Unidentified House, Part 3”

  1. currentdescendent Says:

    This is fun stuff. I love that juxtaposition between the old and the still stands.

    Liked by 1 person

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