The Gold Mine in the Closet: Louis F. Garrard & the Georgia General Assembly’s Biographical Sketch

While in the gold mine in the closet, this page was also in the envelope that contained the crumbling pages from the State of Georgia’s General Assembly. You perhaps read the post from yesterday about William Starr Basinger.

Basinger had two daughters, Margaret and Mary “Leslie”.  Leslie married Edward Percival Lawton, who was a first cousin to Corinne Elliott Lawton, the daughter of Basinger’s law partner, Alexander Robert Lawton.  It was Corinne’s life and death that stirred so much ado on this blog, because her life and death has been misreported by “storyists” who give tours in Savannah, Georgia. The true story was found when I found her mother’s diary in the Georgia Historical Society’s collection, donated by Sarah Alexander Cunningham.

Hey, Corinne, I've got your back.

Hey, Corinne, I’ve got your back.

All these families are tied together through life, work, marriage, and community.

Leslie’s oldest daughter Margaret married William Garrard, a relation of Louis F. Garrard. I suppose that’s why this page was saved. Everyone knew everyone. If we digress even more, I believe that Basinger passed the Bateson Toy Shop on Drayton on his way to and from work.

Here’s the Honorable Louis F. Garrard…






Mr. GARRARD was born November 25, 1847, at Columbus.

His father, Mr. W. W. Garrard, was one of the leading citi-

zens of his city and State.  His mother’s maiden name was

Urquhart.  Louis F. Garrard was a member of the Alabama Corps of

Cadets at the outbreak of the war; at the age of sixteen was trans-

ferred to the Nelson Rangers, which acted as escort to General Ste-

phen D. Lee.  At the battle of Nashville, for gallantry on the battle-

field, he received a flattering recommendation from General Lee, secur-

ing for him a commission in the Regular Army of the Confederate

States, to take effect upon the close of hostilities.

Since the war he has been prominent as a citizen of Muscogee

county, serving as one of the Commissioners of the county, and, by

his marked financial ability, has the entire confidence of the whole

community.  After a service of four years in this capacity, he received

a unanimous re-election.  He was put forward by the people as a can-

didate for legislative honors, and, in the election, led the ticket.

In the house, Mr. Garrard is a member of the Committee on Fi-

nance.  He is the author of the celebrated Garrard bond bill, which

has elicited wide-spread discussion and most favorable comment from

men of distinguished financial ability throughout the State.  This bill

is an original idea with Mr. Garrard, and stamps him as a deep thinker

upon financial subjects.  He is looked upon as one of the rising finan-

ciers of the country.

Mr. Garrard is a member of the legal profession, and enjoys a lucra-

tive practice.  He was a member of the House in 1878, 1879 and was

again elected in 1880.



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