The Gold Mine in the Closet: Samuel Adams Hopkins

Sugar said that a famous author named Samuel Adams Hopkins would rent the house that his grandfather built.  He rented it in the wintertime, which is what we call a snowbird.

Honestly, a famous author?  Who just happened to live in your step-grandmother’s house?

This particular house was built in 1937-1938, overlooking Battery Creek.

After Sugar’s grandfather died, the house stayed occupied by Sugar’s step-grandmother.  She took a job during the winter months up north at a college, and rented her house out to Samuel Adams Hopkins.


While we were collecting obituaries at the Beaufort County Library’s Beaufort District Collection, we found the obituary for Samuel Adams Hopkins.




001 (2)

He wasn’t just a children’s book author. He also was a newspaperman who wrote a series of articles for Collier’s magazine which were largely responsible for the enactment of the pure food and drug act.

What does this have to do with the gold mine in the closet?


This book in particular as mentioned in the obituary…





Inscribed for Lawton Bateson,

With the compliments of the author.

Samuel Adams Hopkins

May 1st, 1957


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