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The Gold Mine in the Closet: Sugar’s Father Was a Cowboy

November 20, 2014

No, really, Sugar’s father was a cowboy.

He’s told me that for years.  That his father was a cowboy on Dataw Island.  Modern day Dataw people would laugh, for it’s a gated community.  That’s right, you can’t get on the island without permission and a pass for your windshield.

But back in the day, 1935 to be precise, it was a cattle-holding area.

scan0015 (2)

scan0015 (3)

scan0015 (4)

scan0015 (5)

scan0015 (6)



For some reason there’s a random photo of Black Mountain, North Carolina, on the master page.  The smaller images that are taped across the bottom are very small. The actual photo portion is about the size of a large postage stamp.

Sugar’s father was about 27 when these pictures were taken.  He had moved to the area from New York City.

That sounds like the makings of a pretty good movie.  City boy becomes a cowboy, which perhaps has already been done.