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The Gold Mine in the Closet: Weary Researchers Need Strength

November 18, 2014

I’m still cherry-picking photos from the gold mine, and also cherry-picking photos from our outings to support the photos from the gold mine.  Things are out-of-ordery, but it doesn’t seem to matter. My biggest worry is that I won’t get finished, because this mine is deep and wide.

Strength.  I need it.


Apparently they knew we were coming, and placed complimentary “Sugar” packets on the table for him.



Let’s celebrate a little English heritage, shall we? (Best enjoyed when said in a British accent.)




We’re early, before the lunch crowd. If we start eating lunch much earlier we’ll have to call it breakfast. I have no clue what we’d call breakfast, then.



Gratuitous shot of the ceiling with a speaker somewhat cleverly hidden.





Sugar got Cheese Rarebit in memory of his father. I got the Ploughman’s Lunch because I eat like a Ploughman.

It was all good and cheese-y and warm.  ‘Cause we’re off to take photos of places where things used to be.