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Anybody Missing a Cat?

November 11, 2014

So a cat comes walking out of the woods.

This particular cat is INSIDE the fence, back behind the RV, in the woods.  This fact is important to know.

The way the cat was moving looked a little off, like she was skulking along behind the cat treehouse.  It looked like the black and white tuxedo Joey.

Except that Joey was on the feeding table, chowing down.

I looked right to the new cat.  Then left to Joey, then right again.  The new cat came walking along the path, mewling a greeting.

It was definitely a new cat, who looked alarmingly like Joey.

She went to the feeding table, looking Mr. Packett in the face along the way.

I scruffed her, checked her behind, and popped her into a crate.


If you come in my yard, you’re gonna be fixed.


Anybody need a nice cat?  Good with people, dogs, and cats.


With a cute little milk mustache.

With a cute little milk mustache.