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Daniel & Agnes Mann’s House on Bay

August 14, 2014

We found the house!  

I have personally walked by this house more times than I could count.  When I read that the house was three stories and was downtown, I couldn’t even imagine which house it could be.  There surely was not a house that tall in downtown Beaufort.

It just goes to show that I’m not cognizant of my surroundings, and perhaps, because I’m walking along talking to Sugar, I’ve never looked up, and the street scene doesn’t allow for a long range view.  Yes, that’s it.  Exactly.

So we parked at the library on Scott Street, paid for parking, and headed over to Bay.  (Sadly, the yarn store was not open.)

IMG_6979 IMG_6980 IMG_6982 IMG_6983

We’re at the intersection of Scott and Bay on the northeast corner.

To the left is another building that seems important, but I don’t know why at this point.  It’s been remodeled into several shops.  Ah, more research.





The house is divided into two sections. The left side is an art gallery, and the right side an antiques shop. Yes, through the window.




IMG_6987 IMG_6988


IMG_6991 IMG_6992

The Verdier House is directly across the street.


The Saltus/Habersham/MANN house has some sort of high wall blocking the space between it and the Bay Street Traders.  There was a bookstore in the Bay Street Traders building (perhaps that was the name of the bookstore – Bay Street Traders – I’ll have to look it up), and we went in there many times.  Sugar and the owner determined that they were distant cousins.  It’s a children’s toy shop now.



This is the alleyway from Bay to the Riverfront Park. The Bay Street Traders’s building is to our left.

IMG_6994 IMG_6996 IMG_6997 IMG_6998

Across the street is the Verdier House, which is a museum now.  I never wanted to go to the Verdier House before, but now, it’s personal.


Agnes and Daniel’s house was purchased by the Belk Stores, and was remodeled, and the enormous, warehouse-like wing was added to the back of the house.  We walk along the alleyway by the Bay Street Traders which is to the right of the streetside of the Mann house.   Now we’re behind the Bay Street Traders and you can see the rooftop of the Mann house. Hiding in plain sight.


IMG_7003 IMG_7005






We went into the art gallery, and the lady there said that there is an artist living above the shop space, so of course, I had to take a photo of the outside.  Wow, do I want to see the upstairs and the elliptical staircase.

So I wondered if Agnes was a hotel keeper in her own house, but since she was a hotel keeper in 1880 and they didn’t get the house back from the tax collector after 1865, that’s pretty conclusive.  Still, she was a hotel keeper on Bay Street, and there was the Beaufort Hotel, and there are more little rabbit holes to explore…