Daniel Mann & the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery

You might remember that Daniel Mann was a member of the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, and that Sugar and I went to see the Arsenal.

As it looks today.

As it looks today.


I found a photo in a book, “Beaufort, A History” by Alexia Jones Helsley, in the Beaufort District Collection at the Beaufort Library.  It’s a marvelous book, rich is detail and research with numerous photos from historical repositories.

030 031


This photo would have been taken during the time that the Mann family lived in Beaufort. However, during the Civil War when Beaufort was occupied by Union forces, all white people evacuated.  I’m going to assume, until I get definitive proof, that the Mann family sojourned to Savannah, Georgia, which is how Martha Mann met Thomas Bateson, perhaps at Christ Church Episcopal, and so the Manns were known to the community.

The Mann family returned to Beaufort after the war, because they tried to reclaim the house from the tax collector, but were unsuccessful.  House?  What house?

Why, the Saltus/Habersham house.

Mann House

Oh, people, just look at this resource.  Let me know if the link doesn’t work: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/pnp/habshaer/sc/sc0500/sc0502/data/sc0502data.pdf .

And off we go to Beaufort.


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6 Responses to “Daniel Mann & the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery”

  1. Judith Richards Shubert Says:

    Wonderful links, Ruth! Loved reading the Addendum to the Saltus-Habersham House with all the descriptive paragraphs of the way the buildings were built and restored. Also of interest to me was the name Samuel Cooley, photographer who was either there when Union forces took over that area or came with them, which seems more likely. He took the picture of the house. My husband has Cooley ancestors showing up in East Tennessee on his Shubert side. Interesting!
    Still love your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ruthrawls Says:

      I found those links with one last, desperate googling of “Agnes Mann in Beaufort, South Carolina”. Usually the only thing that pops up is me. I’m the only one talking about Agnes and Daniel Mann. But this one last time, the two links showed up. So I searched the document for “Agnes Mann”, and lo and behold, there is a reference to her and where the information is located.
      Oh, and go to the Library of Congress website to look at Cooley’s Civil War photos. Wonderful shots of Beaufort, and the surrounding area.
      Thanks for reading! I’m needy and love comments.


  2. Judith Richards Shubert Says:

    Aren’t we all ~ needy and loving comments, that is! LOL

    Thanks for the hint about Cooley’s photos. Will definitely take a look.



  3. Sharon Says:

    I like the past and present photos, Ruth. Good work, historian!


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