Because the Blog is My Scrapbook

Even though I live in a 31′ RV, I still have a lot of stuff.  Occasionally, I’ll have a little look-see at the stuff that is accumulating, in spite of my self-imposed rule:  Nothing else can come in until something goes out.

This rule does not necessarily apply to yarns or cats.

I’m trying to do my children a favor so someday they don’t have to sort through my things and say, “What was wrong with Mom?  We’re going to have to order a bigger dumpster.”

The most recent discovery is a list of historical resources at the Georgia History Society.  I’ll post it here, and then I’ll toss the paper.  Reader Leo thinks I should keep hard copy in case something happens to the internet and I need hard copy.  I think, if the internet explodes, we have bigger problems that my hard copy will not resolve.



Moving along now to the recycling with this piece of paper in hand…


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