Backing Up My Truck

I need to back up my truck a little bit.

Sugar and I are going in so many directions at once with all the leads and connections to the Mann family from Baden, Germany, and Beaufort, South Carolina, which also connects with the Bateson family of Lancashire, England, and Savannah, Georgia.

I have lost the ability, if I ever had it, to blog about these events in a logical fashion, and I can’t confine one blog post to one subject because many things are happening.  At once.  That’s life for you.  You start off with a plan, and stuff happens, and there goes your plan.

We’ve been to the Beaufort library several more times with good success, and also the Christopher Bateson marker for the unmarked cemetery plot #322 HAS BEEN PLACED on the plot, just yesterday, and Sugar received a newsletter from the Lumpkin County, Georgia, historical society which featured a little story about our trip when we were again on the trail of William Starr Basinger.  Good stuff all around.


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2 Responses to “Backing Up My Truck”

  1. chmjr2 Says:

    Nice to hear that you are gathering leads and information about your ancestors. I am sure you will be able to blog about it a little later. But above all keep making hay while the sun shines. 🙂


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Hello chmjr2, and welcome to the blog!
      These Mann and Bateson people aren’t my ancestors. They’re Sugar’s people, but I’m really attached to them.
      Yes, keep making hay!


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