Isabelle Mann, Born & Died in 1908, Beaufort, South Carolina

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Death of An Infant.

Isabelle Mann, the bright little

daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniel Mann,

died on Friday night Oct. 2nd age

three months and two days.  The in-

terment took place on the afternoon

of the 3rd at the family lot at St Hel-

ena Episcopal church, the ceremony

being conducted by the Rev. A. B.

Watson.  The pallbearers were Dr.

M. G. Elliott and Mr W. J. Thomas.

(From the Beaufort Gazette, October 22, 1908)

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4 Responses to “Isabelle Mann, Born & Died in 1908, Beaufort, South Carolina”

  1. Aquila Says:

    Always kind of sad to run across these child obituaries or when you find the entries in family documents or on grave stones. I’ve found quite a few through the families I’m researching. Some were not even named, you just find ‘Infant”, sometimes son or daughter but not always.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Aquila, that is all so true. I’m posting these in random order, and I realized after I posted the one for Daniel Mann, Jr., who would be Isabelle’s brother, that he died one month before she did. Then my mind wandered more, and I saw a pregnant young mother with a sick baby. Then the young mother delivers her next baby, still with the first sick baby. The babies both die about a month apart.


      • Aquila Says:

        In one of the families I’m working on there was a sick infant, an accidental death of an older child, followed by a still birth then the accidental death of the father which left the young mother with a still sick infant, two funerals within about 2 weeks of each other and no way to support herself or her other 8 children. The older son died when he was hit by a falling tree limb, the father got caught in the harness and was dragged quite a long way, terribly injured and took three days to die. The woman remarried two years later to her husband’s younger brother and had another 6 children. It’s amazing when you sit and realize just what she had to deal with, she outlived her second husband and died in the home of her youngest daughter and son-in-law at 92 years of age.


      • ruthrawls Says:

        The resilience of the people before us is what helped get me through a very bad time in my life about 10 years ago. Thank you for sharing this remarkable story.


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