In Which There Are Ten, Expanded

(This is the second part of a series.  If you would like to read the first part, click here.)

When I learn something that I can’t quite wrap my brain around, I avoid it and walk away.  Usually I’m just walking a circle on my way back to the whatever-it-is, and I’m thinking and staring off into space, and if I have the camera, I’m taking photos.

After finding nothing on the Bateson plot at Lot 322 in Laurel Grove Cemetery except a piece of broken metal decorative work, I wandered around.  I could see the Densler mausoleum only a few rows over.  Did the Batesons and the Denslers know of each other?  Probably not.  But surely the Basingers and the Batesons knew of each other.


J. Walz was an important and popular sculptor in Savannah. Unfortunately, we’ll never know what this looked like when it was new. It’s toppled over, and there appears to be glue that held it together, and that the damage was caused by time, not vandals.



Henry E. Campsen 1889-1915




TO THE MEMORY OF Dr. JAMES M. GORDON who was born April 21st, 1821, and died of Yellow Fever in this City Sept. 18th, 1854.


Resolute in his devotion to the call of humanity he shrank not even from the pestilence but fell himself a martyr amidst those he sought to save.








Sugar called me over to see if I could read the name on this headstone.  It looked like “Cricc”, but we decided after looking at adjoining headstones, that the name was Grigg.  He served in the Savannah Volunteer Guards, and surely William Starr Basinger, Sugar’s great-grandfather, knew him.





Sadly, we got back in the van, and headed over to the corner of Drayton and Congress where the Bateson brothers had their store in the 1870’s.  They also lived in the same general area.

We couldn’t find Congress, although I thought that this was it from my remembering the map, but Sugar said no, it’s just an alley.




We circled around and found Congress, and the location of the Bateson family.



To the right.  There’s nothing left of their home and business, except some weird light pattern.



We headed home, and I got out the computer, and did some more research.

We’re gonna have good stuff coming up soon.  I just have to get my thoughts in order.


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3 Responses to “In Which There Are Ten, Expanded”

  1. Pierre Lagacé Says:

    Easy to get lost in a cemetery… when you travel through time


  2. Sharon Says:

    Looking forward to your finds!


  3. itg0 Says:

    This is such an interesting read. Looking forward to reading the next one!


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