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Pete Packett’s Papers: A Letter from Alvis Lee Packett, October 28, 1966

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Oct. 28th, 1966

5325 Rosebay Road Knoxville

Tenn 37918


Mr Pete Packett

Fort Myers Fla


Dear Mr. Packett:


Glad to hear from you

but I don’t believe that

I can be of very much help

to you.  My grandfather Packett

name was Vincent

he was born around 1835

some where in North Carolina

he had two brothers one

was John and the other

Gaines  John went out to

Kansas around 1866

some where west of Topeka

on a homestead of 160 acres

Gaines was a widower

had one sone 5 or 6 ears

older than me.  he moved

to Knoxville from Union

County in 1890 and I never

heard from him any more

My father sold out in

Union County in 1900

We left Knoxville April 5th

1900 for Joplin Mo in

4 or 5 days he landed a job for

both of us on a farm about

2 miles south of Galena Kans

We worked arout 20 day and

he bough a lease on 40 acres

in Oklahoma now about ½

mile from Mo line and ½

mile from the Kanses line.

I cut wood and plowed

corn for the neightbors

that summer.

In Dec he sold the lease

on the 40 acres and bought

a Farm in McDonald Co

Mo.  In 1903 I got married

and I went to Pittsburg Kans

and landed a job on the

Kansas City Southern

Knocking fires on the Pit as

I wanted a job of fireing

That is where I met

Harry Truman as he wear

working in the Razorback

Gang unloading a car of sand

at the sand house and I found

out that they were a job on the

pit that Knight for him to see

his foreman and get transferd

to the Pit and get a job of

Fireing that would be a better job than the

Razorback Gang.

he said we are moving to

Kansas city just as soon

as we well out in Lamar

Mo. and I am going to school

and and I will get in with

the Jews and I will have it made.

So read Matt 18:7 and you

will see what he is going to

get for fireing Gen


I stayed in Pittsburg around

a year and I found out that

it wear a better job on

the M. K. and T. at Parsons


and I went their and I

got out Fireing – 1906

In 1908 my mother waear

dying with a cancer

and I quit and went and

stayed with her.  After her

death I moved to Pasco

Wash. on the Northern

Pacific and I finished up

at Yakima Wash.  I had made

up my mind to come back

hear  I had sold my home

in Pasco, so I still had one

in Yakima Instead of staying

in a hotel at Pasco  So I

went to Yakima and taken

a switch engine in the

Yakima Yard so one day I

had no Fireman and the

Round house Foreman put

out an Englisman to my

Fireman and I had heard

my grandfather say that

the Packetts came to N.C.

From England and if he ever

knew any Packetts in

England  he said yes, that

he taken a paper from his

hometown and he saw

quite often about a

write up about them

in a bout 2 weeks he came

with a paper and it had

a write up about a Packett

had a fight and they had

fined him so much —  not so good

I have a cousin that

lives in Lakeland Fla

the last I heard from him

his name is Eston he is

66 this year

I came back hear to get

out of the winters out

their the coldest I have

seen wear 40 below.

About 10 below hear and

I do not last very long

I have a dandy little Farm

hear in Knoxville 7 11/100

acres.  I would like to sell

and get a way from

Knoxville but my Battle

Ax do not want to leave

Knoxville as we are going

to have hard times

in the near Future

and they are a possibility

of having it with the

negros.  I am enclosing

Washington Vision he had

at Vally Forge in 1777

It do not look very good

If you are ever up

hear and can look me up

I am still in good shape

and also if you can write I

would be glad to hear

from you.

With my Friendly greetings

and my best of wishes to you

I am Sincerely Yours

Alvis Lee Packett

P.S.  over

I would be glad if you

could subscribe for

the Destiny $3.00 a

year as they identify

the English as the house

of Israel see Jer 31:34-37

not the Jews  Read John

8:42-44 verse

Family records my mother

was a Bridges and

her mother wear a

Brantley  Both familys

wear from North Carolina

But I don’t know what Part

of North Carolina.

I have a International

Atlas of the World 1941 Edition

where I looked up the Kansa

Map.  Topeka is in Shawnee

Co and Wabaunssee co is

the first county west

With my best of wishes

and Frindly Greeting

Yours Respectiful

A. L. Packett