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Back by Popular Demand, 2014 Style

April 18, 2014

This blog frequently gets visitors and commenters who are interested in the Lawton stuff.

Last year I dismantled the scanner and stored it away, clearly in a delusional state, because I thought that I had scanned everything necessary to mankind regarding my genealogy papers.  I need the space here, folks.  It’s kitten season, and I have three little babies in a crate, and space is at a premium here in the RV.

Guess what?  The scanner is back in operation.  I found Uncle Pete’s papers, and also the folks needing to know about the Lawton family reunion need their fix.

I’ve scanned the 2013 Christmas newsletter, and also the 2014 invitation for June 13 and 14.  I’m also trying something new for me and this blog – I’ve added a “contact me” feature at the bottom of this post.

See you in June!

LawtonFamilyReunion2014 001

The Lawton and Allied Families Association

135 Lamont Drive

Decatur, GA  30030

December, 2013

Dear Lawton Cousins,

Christmas greetings!  We celebrated our 2013 reunion jointly in June with our Robert cousins from Louisiana.  Our Friday night meeting was at Gloria Tuten’s childhood home at Robertville.  We enjoyed a great meal, caught up with our cousins from Texas and Louisiana and had a wonderful piano/organ concert by Gloria and her sister-in-law, Alene in the Robertville church sanctuary.

Saturday morning, we met at the Robertville Baptist Church for a presentation on the life and times of our common ancestor, Pierre Robert, based on Tom Lawton’s original research paper and read by cousin Marie McEntire.

Saturday afternoon, we visited the Old Robert Cemetery.  Thanks to Cousin Lawton O’Cain and your generous contributions, we have made much progress in keeping this important part of our history clear from the bushes and trees that would otherwise consume it.  Your contributions make the difference.

Plan to come to Robertville JUNE 13 and 14, 2014 for this year’s reunion.  We will celebrate Friday night at Davis’s swimming pool, which many of you, who were raised in the area, fondly remember.  On Saturday, we’ll be at the Robertville Baptist Church to hear Fred York’s talk about the Union army at Honey Hill.

I look forward to meeting you there!

Your cousin and friend,

Neale Hightower



LawtonReunion2014 001

The Lawton and Allied Families Associations
135 Lamont Dr.
Decatur, GA 30030

April 12, 2014

Dear Cousins,

We had a great time in Robertville last year – so great that we plan to do it again. Our Robert cousins aren’t meeting with us this year (they meet every other year), but we will have the opportunity to visit the Robertville church, the area, and the old Robert Cemetery. We’ll meet on June 13th and 14th.

On Friday night we’ll gather at Davis’s swimming pool to renew old friendships and conduct some informal business. Did you grow up in the Estill/Garnett area? Bring your stories to share about the Davis’s swimming pool!

On Saturday, our program will feature Fred York – a Columbia historian that has spoken to us briefly on several occasions in the past. Fred will tell us about “Victory at Honey Hill”. This battle preceded the Union advance on Robertville – and there’s a Lawton Connection as well. In the afternoon, we’ll travel to the Old Robert cemetery on Tye Branch Road.

Please send all registration forms and money for our meeting to Mary Catherine Plowden, 71 Wade Hampton Avenue, Walterboro, SC 29488. All events are listed on the registration form. Please check the events you will attend. If you can’t attend, please send in your dues. We must have dollars to keep up our mailing list. 

I look forward to meeting each of you in June. Let me know what we can do to make your time enjoyable. Send me an email –

Your cousin and friend,
Neale C. Hightower
Lawton and Allied Families Association