From Uncle Pete Packett






From my mother, Nov. 1, 1966:

“Well, little Mandy and I went last Wednesday to see Lonie Rodgers

to see if she knew any about the Packetts.  She was Grandma Packett’s

neice (sic).  Grandma Packett was a Rodgers….  I don’t know if you remember

Bob Yearout here.  Well they are related to the Webbs.  I knew that but

didn’t know how much.  They said my grand mother’s name was Rodie

Webb, which I always thought was Sarah.  I didn’t know my Grand-

father’s name but they said it was Cart.  Mrs. Yearout told me Sunday

night at church they were going to Wildwood Springs soon to see his

sister and she would know something.  I think he knows what he is

talking about because when I was very small we lived in Wildwood

Springs.  My father had a country store there and my mother owned

two houses.  I very well remember when they sold them…  My father

was Dr. L. D. Webb.  My mother Henry Etta Collins.”

Uncle Pete went on a letter-writing campaign in 1966.  This letter from his mother, who is my grandmother, shows how little she knew for certain about her grandparents.  Her father’s father was Lynch Webb, and his wife was Sarah Couch Webb.

“Little Mandy” is Amanda Packett.  “Grandma Packett” is my grandfather’s mother, Lily Rogers Packett.  “Lonie Rodgers” married Sam Rodgers/Rogers, the nephew of Lily Rogers Packett.


(More from Uncle Pete)

Henry Etta or Henrietta Collins Webb died May 3, 1934.  Lynch Delisha

Webb died when my mother was about 12 or 13, about 1906 or 1907.

My father’s parents were William Packett, who died about 1906 also,

and is believed to be buried in Dalton, GA, and Esther Lily Rogers

or Rodgers Packett, died in the early 1930s, and buried in Lenoir


I also can recall as a child going to Wildwood Springs Cemetery with

mother and dad to trim up and decorate Grandfather Webb’s grave in

Wildwood Springs.  (My note:  no one knows today where his grave is, although I can find a death certificate.)

My father, James Packett, was born in Loudon County, TN Sept. 5, 1891,

and mother Ruth Jeanette Webb in Blount County, TN, March 25, 1894.

Letter from Mrs. (Douglas) Marie Hurst, Sevierville, TN, Jan. 8, 1967:

“I am Mrs. Marie Hurst, daught of Della P. Morell.  I am sending her

dad’s birth: Isaac Henry Packett, March 27, 1860.”

Jan. 20, 1967 (More from Marie Hurst)

My grandmother’s maiden name is Mary Catherine Allbright, July 3, 1868,

at Union County.  Her dad’s name was Jasper Allbright, her mother’s

was Betty Wilson before her marriage to Jasper.

The rest of the births in the old Bible are grandmothers and grand-

father’s children.

Della Packett Morell, August 19, 1888

Leonard V. Packett, Dec. 18, 1889 (deceased)

Cora Lee Packett, Oct. 9, 1891 (deceased)

Martha E. Packett, March 11, 1894

Edgbert Packett, Oct. 23, 1897

Esten P. Packett, Oct. 28, 1900 – this is Betty Essary’s dad.  (Handwritten:  Cousin of Alvis Lee Packett of Knoxville.)

More letters to follow!



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