In Search of William Starr Basinger; Or, The Oysters Stay at a B&B

Sugar had found a place where he really, really wanted to stay.  He was sad-faced when he learned that they were going to be closed for a private event. The one night that we want to be there.

Plan B:  the Lily Creek Lodge.  It’s on Auraria Road.  After making the reservation, Sugar looked at his great-grandfather’s “Personal Reminiscences” yet again, and saw mention of Auraria Road.  So we get to stay at a place on a road that his great-grandfather traveled.  Bonus.


We checked-in, settled in a bit with a chat with the hostess, who made suggestions of who we should talk to in our search to know more about Dahlonega history.  The drive back into town was only four miles, and supper was needed.  The Picnic Cafe was open but Sugar wanted to try something different.  Hint:  when in Dahlonega, just go ahead and eat all your meals at the Picnic Cafe.  Not to say that the other places don’t have good food, there’s just a good vibe there.

We drove around after dinner, and made a plan for the next day.

And the oysters?  Still in the car, on ice.

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