In Search of William Starr Basinger, or, The Oysters Go to Dahlonega


We left Athens, slowly, driving slowly, on the way to Dahlonega.

Sugar had allowed several hours to get there, but we found it was a very short trip, and we pulled into the town square just in time for lunch at the Picnic Cafe.  How did we decide where to eat?  It was literally in front of our parking spot, and the weather was breezily cold, so we dashed inside.  Plenty of other folks had made the same decision.  A good crowd is a good sign of good food.



Ah, salad and hot soup in a freshly-baked bread bowl.


After stuffing ourselves, we went outside for a look around.  It was still cold and crisp, yet folks were strolling about.




Sugar said that his great-grandfather William Starr Basinger had a law office on the square on the second floor of a building. Why couldn’t this door on the left be the door to his office? I ask you, why not?



I had it in my mind that we would find the house where William Starr Basinger and his wife Margaret Roane Garnett and their family lived.  And as usual, I got my mind all wrapped up around the thought that it could be this house, the Vickery House, which was associated with the college and right by the campus.





There was a log cabin being constructed behind the Vickery House, so here are the photos.




This is a shot of the Vickery House from across the campus using the zoom lens.



We walked back to the square, and I was grateful for my lined, hooded coat and my warm cowl.




Frank W. Hall was a man of means and owned a lot of Dahlonega properties.

After our quick tour, we are no closer to finding the Basinger house.  We have plans to meet with some folks from the Historical Society the next day, and possibly to find some court documents, so cross your fingers!

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