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In Search of William Starr Basinger, or Sugar Plans a Vacation

March 13, 2014

Sugar wants to go on a trip.  He has pestered me to death about going on a trip.  I suggest that we just get in the car.  He has different plans.

He wants to go on a Basinger pilgrimage.  Yes, can you believe that there is one left?  After all, we’ve gone all over Savannah, looking at cemetery plots and locations of former homes and businesses.  We’ve been to the library.  We’ve talked to Starr cousins.  We went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Wilson Library and viewed the William Starr Basinger collection.  We’ve been to Amelia County, Virginia, to Mattoax to see where he met his wife Margaret Roane Garnett, and then on to Richmond to see where the family home “The Oaks” was moved.  Yes, it seems there is some unfinished business.

So the trip is planned that we will go to the University of Georgia at Athens to walk the campus and see where Uncle Charlie’s house used to be, then on to Dahlonega to see if we can find the location of William Starr Basinger’s home, and then an additional spur into Sewanee, Tennessee, to see a Basinger cousin with an extra attempt to find out more about Sugar’s father’s father who went to school at Sewanee.

Have you ever traveled by car with fresh seafood in a cooler?  For days, like, traveled FOR DAYS with seafood in a styrofoam cooler.  Me, either.  And we lived to tell about it.